Replacement of a 1957 Toilet with a new Kohler 1.1/1.6 gal

Dual Flush Elongated-Comfort Height Unit.

The problem here was that the original house toilet shifted in place

after a long long time in use. The cast iron toilet flange at the end of the cast iron pipe

just rotted away after 53 years as one of the flange bolts holding the toilet to the floor broke off

from the flange as the flange actually was just connected to the end of the pipe.

Newer toilet installations have the toilet flange screwed to the wood flooring.

I had to make adjustments and cut up some braces and screwed the NEW plastic flange

through the openings around the flange and bolted them to the floor with the new braces.

You can see the machine nuts with the braces from the underside of the floor in some pics.

The cast iron piping from the toilet was cracked down about 10”. It was replaced

with PVC, 90 degree bend, 3.5” of PVC and a 4” fernco rubber coupling that attached

the PVC to the old cast iron piping.

See the old PINK American Standard '1057 toilet in place and the NEW Kohler Toilet

Original Toilet 1957, Now shifted a bit.

Toilet just lifted off, wax all around.

Flange Rotted and broken. Notice FLANGE NOT attached to Flooring

Left Side of FLANGE Broken OFF

10” Cast Iron Pipe cut off , had crack along pipe..was leaking for a while. Notice ROPE at flange..quick fix?

Close up. Toilet Flange attached to PIPE, not the flooring.

Initial quick fix. 10” PVC to Cast Iron with Fernco.. Leaked still. Crack all the way through.

Getting new flange in place. 2 brackets under flooring holding flange down.

Flange NOT flush with floor.. Trouble..

New toilet in place using Thick was Ring

Thick Wax Ring Leaked.. Mr. Loser Strikes

Cut the 90 degree Cast Iron pipe off, put in PVC. Notice Bracket at Ceiling holding Toilet flange to floor.

Another Angle..Amazingly the 10” Down pvc piece fit perfectly seated all the way into the 90 bend.

Had backup 4” fernco in place to be used if needed.  Didn’t need it. Took off clamps and left it.

Another Final Pic

Old toilet..any Bids??

New Toilet with (2) wax rings..recommended by guy in Home Depot. Said lots of Plumbers do that. No  Leaks!

Finished..Just have to caulk base area to tile.

About to demolish…